Handmade Artisan Notebooks

Add a dash of charm to your adventure. These spectacular foil-stamped books shine with enchanting designs. Each is cut, foil stamped, printed, and stitched by hand. They lie flat on every page and look beautiful on the shelf or in your magical bag of holding.

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Making Magic out of the Mundane.

Encanto was born from two kids who refused to grow up. Our hobbies and fandoms are our escape from day to day deadlines and duedates. So we like to add a bit of fantasy and magic to each day.

Our mission is to help you find a little magic in the midst of it all. We believe that no matter your current situation, you deserve a bit of charm and a bunch of fantasy. Beyond wands and wizardry, we actually know how to make magic tangible (and a little weird). But hey, that's just who we are. At Encanto Enchanted Paper, we are modern day magicians who are unapologetically strange so you can be boldly you.

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