The Spellbook Chronicles- Ep1

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We're excited to give to you the official Encanto D&D show, The Spellbook Chronicles. Our Print Wizard Nick and Crystal, still very new to the world of D&D, decided to go on an adventure with some more experienced friends. Join us as we make some critical fails learning the ropes and diving wand first into the story our DM Cptn Skittles has crafted for us.

This is our pilot episode. So please let us know if you like it and share with your friends!



 Episode 1: Grave Mistakes

Our story begins in the city of North Crag, where four members of The Encanto Corp are sent to the town of Elmstair after reports of figures shambling around the old temple at nights fall and townsfolk going missing. Talon, Imelda, Gomez, and Audouin investigate the scene and stumble freshly dug up graves.


Our heroes:

Talon: A Tiefling fighter who grew up with a clan of sea raiders, the Blood Hawks, only to learn they had kidnapped him as a child. Played by Nick.

Imelda: A High-Elf ranger raised with nobility, but left her family in search of a human love interest who disappeared mysteriously. Played by Crystal.

Gomez: A Gnome Rouge who found some life meaning in the art of a locksmith. Played by NinjabreadMan.

Audouin: A Human Paladin whose previous party made the unfortunate decision to venture to a city where no one returns, and surprusingly...never returned. Played by Tarvus.

Dungeon Master: An experienced DM and story-crafter who isn't afraid to put her players in situations that force them to think outside the box or face dire consequences. Played by Cptn Skittles.

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