The Spellbook Chronicles - Ep2: The Diary Of The Dead

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Episode 2: Diary Of The Dead

Episode 2 is here! On this episode, our heroes continue into the dungeon to find a disturbing scene. Will Talon ever stop rushing in? Will Audouin ever find gold? Find out now!
Episode 1 and 2 are our pilot episodes. So please comment and share! We will be back very soon for Episode 3, so hit that subscribe button!

Our heroes:

Talon: A Tiefling fighter who grew up with a clan of sea raiders, the Blood Hawks, only to learn they had kidnapped him as a child. Played by Nick.

Imelda: A High-Elf ranger raised with nobility, but left her family in search of a human love interest who disappeared mysteriously. Played by Crystal.

Gomez: A Gnome Rouge who found some life meaning in the art of a locksmith. Played by NinjabreadMan.

Audouin: A Human Paladin whose previous party made the unfortunate decision to venture to a city where no one returns, and surprusingly...never returned. Played by Tarvus.

Dungeon Master: An experienced DM and story-crafter who isn't afraid to put her players in situations that force them to think outside the box or face dire consequences. Played by Cptn Skittles.


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