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We are eager to partner with brands who love our products. We create products that spark fantasy and wonder with an artisan touch. Your brand no matter the size, can be a part of that magic.

Making everything by hand allows us to create truly custom one of a kinda pieces to fit your needs perfectly. We're a small business, so we love to get to know our customers personally to ensure they experience all of the Encanto magic.

La Madeleine

The agency of record for La Madeleine wanted to create customized gifts for their client. So, they reached out to Encanto Enchanted Paper to create 5 custom notebooks, as well as French passport notebooks with personalized internals for each client. We worked directly with the agency to create these stunning handmade pieces.

La Madeleine loved them and is now considering using Encanto for future marketing initiatives like influencer packages and convention give-aways.

Personally, we love how these notebooks turned out and sincerely hope to make more for the world to see!

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Custom notebooks given to TraceyLocke employees.

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Custom notebooks created for Tabletop Tavern, a TTRPG stream.

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