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Encanto Enchanted Paper

Timekeeper's Fortune D&D Notebook

Timekeeper's Fortune D&D Notebook

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We have partnered with the Dice Hoarders of Shiny Math Rocks to bring you three legendary new notebooks to match their shiny dice. Each notebook is inspired by the wonderful lore behind one of their custom crit dice sets. Get the matching dice set for Timekeeper's Fortune here!


The lore behind this spell book:

The complexities of time and space have lead to many mishaps, conflicts, and catastrophes. Thus we caution anyone against attempts to manipulate such powerful forces. However, seeing the many possibilities of what the future may hold for you can be quite useful.

Inside you find a small ornate pocket watch.

 This strange pocket watch is somehow always perfectly accurate regardless of where or when you are. The numbers will even morph into the appropriate symbols if necessary. When you press down on the top of the pocket watch, it suddenly glows purple and arcane symbols rise from its face. The hands jerk backwards 6 seconds.

 As a reaction you can press the button and reverse time 6 seconds, or back to the beginning of your turn. No one but you is aware of the change. To everyone else time has flowed as normal. Any rolls, movement or actions taken in that 6 seconds are undone.

 The watch has 6 charges. After the 6th use, it becomes permanently 6 seconds behind.

Get the matching print here.

Our redesigned 5e Character sheets are perfect for any enthusiast. Each book contains 15 character sheets including spell sheets. Each character sheet is followed by a dot grid spread to add all of your additional character notes.

    Encanto lay-flat notebooks are handmade to make a statement. These books shine with spectacular foil patterns. These high quality artisan journals are cut, foil stamped, printed, and stitched by hand. These are paper cover books cut to fit nicely in you bag of holding.

    • Size: 5.87" x 8.25" (Size may vary as these are handmade)
    • Stitching: Saddle stitched by hand to lie flat.
    • 80lb coloring paper
    • 92 pages 

    All orders are made to order by hand. Please allow 5-10 days to process.

    NOTE: We wrap all of our orders with our signature tissue and wax seal, gift or not. If you would like your gifts wrapped separately, just let us know when you order.

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    Our process

    Every piece made by us is designed to stand out, then printed, crafted, stitched, and assembled by us in-house. Then, it is meticulously quality checked. The smallest error means we start again from scratch.

    All of our packaging is eco-friendly. Either, compostable, recyclable, or made from recycled materials.

    Once completed, your package is shipped from Fort Worh, TX and you will receive tracking information if applicable.

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