• Our legendary new addition: ARCANE

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Our legendary new addition: ARCANE

Check it out

Handmade Artisan Notebooks

These spectacular foil-stamped books shine with enchanting designs. Cut, foil stamped, printed, and stitched by hand, they lie flat on every page and look beautiful on the shelf. Our notebooks were made to make a statement.

Greeting Cards

Artisan Craftsmanship For The Geeky Soul

Encanto was born from two kids who refused to grow up. Crystal and Nick wanted a geeky wedding, but all of the options were tacky or cheesy. Nick is an award-winning Art Director and Crystal is a multifaceted artist and crafting extraordinaire. The name Encanto embraces the whimsical, bewitching, spellbinding, and magical art we want to create and honors our Mexican roots.

We embrace everything that makes us weird. We hope to empower those who never fit in, or refuse to grow up. We are unapologetically strange so you can boldly be you.

Our Process

Packaged With Care